ZunZun Musical Watershed Assembly

    Zun Zun Musical Watershed Assembly

    ZunZun’s Musical Watershed Assembly is available to elementary schools in Sonoma and Marin Counties that fall within our service area, as these water providers fund the Water Education Program. This 45-minute assembly program engages students with musical segments focused on where your water comes from, climate change, storm drain pollution, and water and energy conservation. Your students will learn how the choices they make, can positively impact the Russian River Watershed and its biodiversity. Students and teachers are active participants in the program —getting up on stage, singing, dancing, and playing a variety of folkloric instruments. ZunZun’s programs are always lively, participatory, and multilingual (Spanish, Portuguese, English). This highly acclaimed group has performed in 14 countries throughout the Americas and have appeared on regional, national, and international radio and television.

    This assembly program is sponsored by the Sonoma County Water Agency and is FREE to schools.

    For more information about ZunZun visit www.zunzuntunes.com



    To book a ZunZun Assembly, please call ZunZun directly at (831) 426-0684 or contact them by email at zunzun@zunzuntunes.com .