Westside Water Education Facility

    Westside FacilityIn August 2015, the Water Education Program opened a new field study facility near the intersection of Wohler Road and Westside Road. The Westside Education Facility is home to the Water Agency’s Water Education Program and includes interactive exhibits, an exemplary drought tolerant garden, and a science laboratory. The new building will allow us to safely and more effectively serve thousands of students annually who are enrolled in our Field Study programs.

    Mirabel Fish Viewing Gallery:

    In September 2016, the Mirabel Fish Viewing Gallery was completed in conjunction with an improved fish ladder and screens to safely withdraw water from the Russian River. The viewing gallery allows visitors to watch salmon (and other fish!) swim through the ladder during their incredible migration.

    Tours of these facilities are available through the Water Agency's Water Education Field Study Programs and Public Tours.

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    Please contact Ryan Pedrotti at (707) 521-6209 or Ryan.Pedrotti@scwa.ca.gov with questions.