Water Supply Strategies

    Lake Sonoma/Dry Creek

    For more than half a century, the Sonoma County Water Agency has worked to ensure that our North Bay customers have the water they need, when they need it. Our job is to make sure that the Water Agency can make the same claim in 2060. Yet the Water Agency and its contractors face big challenges, including:

    • An economic downturn that has impacted residents’ ability and willingness to pay higher water rates.
    • Aging infrastructure, located in a seismically active region, that will require new projects to increase the reliability of water deliveries.
    • A federal mandate to change the way we do business in order to help save endangered coho salmon and threatened steelhead.
    • Uncertain water supply conditions including the effects of climate change on both the amount and timing of rainfall.

    The Water Agency and the Water Contractors have already taken some steps to meet these challenges: Individuals are conserving water, the use of recycled water has increased, new sources of water are being explored, and the Water Agency and its contractors are continually improving operations. These are good steps, but they are not enough – which is why in 2009, the Water Agency Board of Directors held a workshop that focused on strategies to ensure future water supply and to increase the reliability of regional water.

    After 18 months of input from the Water Agency’s customers and the public, on September 21, 2010, the Board approved the following nine strategies (outlined in the Water Supply Strategies Action Plan):

    • Address Dry Creek Summer Flows
    • Modify Operation Of Russian River System
    • Evaluate Potential Climate Change Impacts On Water Supply & Flood Protection
    • Pursue Combined Water Supply & Flood Control Projects
    • Work With Stakeholders To Promote Sound, Information-Based Water Supply Planning Programs
    • Improve Transmission System Reliability
    • Take Advantage of Energy and Water Synergies
    • Implement Integrated Water Management
    • Overcome Organizational Fragmentation to Promote Efficiency Of Water System Operations & Planning


    2013 Plan

    2011 Plan



    Please email Ann DuBay at ann.dubay@scwa.ca.gov if you have any questions, concerns or input.