Classroom and Field Programs

    Programs are available to teachers that fall within Sonoma Water's service area in Sonoma and Northern Marin counties in California, as these water providers fund the Water Education Program.

    Energy programs are available to all schools in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties except in Healdsburg and Ukiah.

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    Transitional Kindergarten Program


    TK and Kindergarten Classroom Program

    (Sonoma Water Service Area Schools Only) 

    This exciting program, Splish Splash! Water’s Journey to Your Class, teaches young students about the importance of water, where their water comes from, and how to use water wisely. A Sonoma Water instructor will come to your class to conduct a 30-minute interactive lesson with your students.

    3rd Grade Classroom

    Third Grade Classroom Program

    (Sonoma Water Service Area Schools Only) 

    This program includes two 60-minute lessons conducted by a Sonoma Water educator in your classroom.

    Lesson 1: Addresses storm drain pollution prevention, where our drinking water comes from, and water conservation. 

    Lesson 2: We are partnering with Sonoma Clean Power to provide a lesson on climate change and renewable and non-renewable energy sources.

    Solar Panels

    Fourth Grade Energy Classroom Program

    (Available to all schools in Sonoma County except in Healdsburg and all schools in Mendocino County except Ukiah) 

    Based upon feedback during our pilot year, we are offering teachers a choice between one 60 or 90-minute lesson or two 60-minute lessons with the second visit a hands-on engineering workshop. Topics will cover energy transfer, renewable energy, greenhouse gases and global warming, and climate change. Hands-on activities will involve exploration and problem solving using batteries, electrical circuits, a generator, solar panels and wind generated power. Extension activities will be offered and will emphasize steps students can take to reduce energy use at home and at school.

    Fourth-Twelfth Grade Field Trip 

    Sixth - Twelfth Grade Fish Ladder Field Trip

    (Sonoma Water Service Area Schools Only) 

    In this pilot program, students will learn about the ecology of our local salmon species and the complexities of how humans have impacted them within the Russian River watershed. Students will learn what local agencies like Sonoma Water and the UC Cooperative Extension, are doing to improve their chances of survival. This field trip provides an opportunity for students to see the Russian River from a new perspective and learn about its vital connection to our community in supplying drinking water and habitat for endangered species.

    *This field trip is available between October 29th and November 30th, 2018. 

     5th Grade Field Program

     Fifth Grade Russian River Field Program

    (Sonoma Water Service Area Schools Only) 

    This program offers an exploration into the Russian River Watershed and Sonoma Water’s water supply and distribution system. The program consists of a one hour classroom lesson conducted by Sonoma Water educators and a follow-up field trip to the Russian River.

    Learn about our field classroom at the Russian River

    Fifth Grade Wastewater Treatment Plant Field Trip (Sonoma Valley)

    Fifth Grade Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour 

    (Sonoma Valley Schools Only) 

    What happens to water when it goes down the drain? Bring your class on a tour of the Sonoma Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant and learn how water is treated, tested, and reused in the community.

     Secondary Elementary Program

    Adopt a Creek: A Watershed Approach (Grades 6-12)

    (Sonoma Water Service Area Schools Only) 

    The Adopt a Creek program is designed to educate middle and high school students on the importance of our local creeks and watershed through hands-on science and environmental stewardship projects. Students and teachers will assess the health of their local creek, the surrounding riparian zone, and watershed. Citizen science monitoring will inform the planning of a stream enhancement project that will be developed and implemented by the students. 

    Careers at the Water Agency

    Careers at Sonoma Water (Grades 9 - 12)

    Through this program, high school students will learn about exciting career opportunities with Sonoma Water. Our classroom visit will provide a one-hour, hands-on presentation designed to explore jobs in the water industry, including engineers, mechanics, water and wastewater treatment plant operators, environmental specialists, and more! Students can also request a free job shadow session with Sonoma Water staff.