Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District

    Sonoma Valley Sewer Lateral Inspections to Get Under Way Soon

    The Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District (District) Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance was approved by the District Board of Directors and went into effect on March 8, 2017. It requires that property owners of homes and businesses 30 years or older have their sewer laterals inspected and, if necessary, repaired. Your sewer lateral is the pipe that carries wastewater from your home or business to the sewer main line. Faulty laterals contribute to sewer overflows and can pollute creek, damage property, pose health hazards and result in costly fines.

    The District will soon begin providing free sewer lateral inspections of properties 30 years or older. The District is using a qualified private contractor to conduct the inspections. If your property is scheduled for a free inspection, and you are the property owner, you will receive a letter in the mail and a follow-up notice (via door hanger) within 1-2 weeks of the inspection being scheduled. Following the inspection, property owners will be notified if a sewer lateral requires repairs. If repairs are required, property owners will have one year to complete them.

    While the cost of private sewer lateral repairs will vary depending on the length and condition of the lateral, the District is offering an assistance program intended to ease the financial burden on property owners. Please visit this page in the near future for more details.

    About the Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District

    • Began Operation:  1953Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District
    • Service area:  4,500 acres
    • Service recipients:  17,027 Equivalent Single-Family Dwelling
    • Treatment level:  Tertiary
    • Design capacity:  3,000,000 gallons per day (average daily dry weather flow)
    • Discharge:  Between May 1 and October 30 the recycled water is used for irrigation and wetland habitat enhancement. Between November 1 and April 30 recycled water is discharged into Schell Slough or Hudeman Slough.
    • Board of Directors:  The Mayor of the City of Sonoma, the chair and first district supervisor of the Water Agency's Board of Director act as the District's Board.


    SVCSD Sewer Trunk Main Replacement Project

    The Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District (District) will host an informational community meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 6 from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Sonoma Charter School to discuss a proposed sewer trunk main replacement project. District staff will be on hand to present information about the proposed project and to answer questions. Read more ....


    Sonoma Valley Residential Recycled Water Fill Station

    Residents Can Get Free Water for Outdoor Irrigation

    website photo

    The Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District has re-opened a residential recycled water fill station in the wastewater treatment plant on Eighth Street East that will provide free recycled water for local residents that can be used to water lawns, gardens and landscaped areas. We encourage Sonoma Valley residents to irrigate their landscaping with our free recycled water to help preserve our community’s precious drinking water during the hot days of summer.

    The fill station is closed for the winter, and will reopen in the spring of 2017.

    The fill station is located just north of the plant, which is located at 22675 Eighth Street East, Sonoma, CA. Recycled water will be provided to all residents who live in the Sonoma Creek Watershed free of charge.

    Application Forms for Recycled Water Fill Station Customers

    Please download and fill out the application and bring it to the fill station at 22675 Eight Street East in Sonoma:

    SVCSD Residential Recycled Water Fill Station Application

    SVSCD Programa Residencial Estación de Llenado de Agua Reciclada


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    District Treatment Plant Address

    22675 8th Street East
    Sonoma, CA  95476


    Contact Information

    Front Desk (Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm PST): 707-526-5370
    Operations Desk (24 Hours): 707-523-1070


    Residential Sewer Estimator

    If you are a residential sewer and water customer, you can get an estimate of what your sewer charge might be by entering your average monthly winter water use into the estimator below.
    PLEASE NOTE: This estimator is for single family dwellings, condominiums, and single mobile homes.
    Gallons per month
      Total Annual Sewer Bill
    You can get your average monthly winter water use from your water bills from last winter. Since your water bills show two months of water usage, you would need to enter half of the total gallons in the estimator below. If you don’t have your winter water bills, enter a typical residential average monthly winter water use of 4,420 gallons.

    Reduce and Save!

    If you reduce your water use by
    , here is your new total:
      Total Annual Sewer Bill
    If you reduce your water use by
    , here is your new total:
      Total Annual Sewer Bill


    How Your Sewer Bill Is Calculated

    Comparison of Fixed Rate Billing Calculation and Volume Based Rate Billing CalculationThe District calculates residential sewer bills by using a volume-based rate structure.  Thirty percent of your sewer bill is based on the amount of household water used during the winter months, beginning in December through February.  The remaining seventy percent of the sewer bill is based on a fixed cost to cover operations and maintenance expenses related to keeping the sewage collection system and treatment facility updated to meet public health and environmental regulations.  The rate structure does not apply to commercial customers, as they are charged based on a fixed rate structure. 


    Ways To Lower Your Sewer Bill

    The following rebate and incentive programs may be available from the District, your water provider, and PG&E to help lower your sewer bill. Please contact your service provider for more information, eligibility, funding availability, and applications for the rebates before purchase. Product specifications, requirements and restrictions vary by service provider.

    From the Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District:

    From Your Water Provider:

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