Santa Rosa Plain Groundwater

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    The Santa Rosa Plain, home to approximately half of the population of Sonoma County, faces growth in population and demand for water. The challenge of increasing demand and other uncertainties necessitates thoughtful management of the important groundwater resources of the Santa Rosa Plain. To address these challenges, the Water Agency has convened a balanced group of stakeholders called the Basin Advisory Panel to develop a plan for managing these groundwater resources through a collaborative process. This website contains information on the groundwater management planning process.

    What's New

    A public hearing is slated for Tuesday, October 7th on a new plan to manage groundwater in the Santa Rosa Plain basin. The Sonoma County Water Agency Board of Directors (Board) will consider the Groundwater Management Plan (Plan), which was developed by a balanced group of stakeholders called the Basin Advisory Panel (Panel).

    The Panel has been working for almost two years to develop the Groundwater Management Plan (Plan) to locally and voluntarily manage groundwater. The Panel is comprised of a diverse group of almost 30 technical experts, residential well users, businesses, agricultural groups, environmental organizations, governmental agencies, tribal groups, and natural resource managers.

    The goal of the Plan is to locally manage and protect groundwater resources through non-regulatory measures to support all beneficial uses, including human, agriculture, and ecosystems in an environmentally sound, economical, and equitable manner for present and future generations.

    If adopted, the Plan will continue to be a living document that can adapt to changing conditions. Plan Implementation is structured to encourage an open, collaborative and cooperative process for groundwater management activities.

    Public Hearing Details:
    The Water Agency Board of Directors will consider adopting the Plan at an upcoming Sonoma County Board of Supervisors meeting.

    Date: Tuesday, October 7th, 2014*
    Time: 11:00 am*
    Location: 575 Administration Drive, Santa Rosa, California 

    * Please check back to confirm date and time. This item will be heard no earlier than 11:00 am.



    Contact Information:

    Marcus Trotta
    Sonoma County Water Agency
    (707) 547-1978