Sanitation Water Efficiency Rebate Program

    Save Water. Save Money.

    The Sonoma County Sanitation Water Efficiency Rebate Program was established to help you save water, save money, and reduce wastewater flows to your local wastewater treatment plant.


    • Airport / Larkfield / Wikiup Sanitation Zone
    • Geyserville Sanitation Zone
    • Occidental County Sanitation District
    • Penngrove Sanitation Zone
    • Russian River County Sanitation District
    • Sea Ranch Sanitation Zone

    Rebates available on a first come, first served basis through June 30, 2018 while funding lasts.

    Front Load High-Efficiency Clothes Washer Rebate

    Get up to $125* back on the purchase and installation of a new, qualifying front load high-efficiency clothes washer (HEW). A new washer can use 40 to 60% less water and energy than older, top loading clothes washers. HEWs use 18 to 25 gallons of water per load compared to 50 or more gallons for older top loading models. Use less water, less energy, and less detergent while cleaning your clothes better and with less wear and tear. New HEWs also remove more water from laundry during the spin cycle so loads spend less time in the dryer. The savings all add up to a great deal that can pay for itself in a few years. For a listing of qualifying clothes washers, visit the U.S. EPA EnergyStar® Most Efficient website. (A complete listing of Most Efficient models can be found here.) Rebates are available for all front load clothes washers listed as “Most Efficient.” Top load models and models with silver ion technology are not eligible.

    Please note Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District customers are not eligible for this program. Water customers of the City of Sonoma and Valley of the Moon Water District may be eligible to participate in the Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership rebate program.



    High-Efficiency Toilet Rebate

    Get up to $150* back on the purchase and installation of each new, MaP Premium listed high-efficiency toilet (HET). Replacing your older toilet saves water and reduces wastewater without sacrificing performance. HETs are available in different flush types: single-flush gravity fed (like a conventional toilet), dual-flush, and pressure assist. Single-flush gravity fed HETs use the power of gravity to do the work just like the original, only with greater efficiency and less water. Dual-flush HETs are also gravity fed and save water by providing two different flush volumes. For solids, a full flush of 1.6 gallons or less and a reduced flush of 0.8 gallons or less. The full and two reduced flushes must average out to 1.1 gpf or less to be eligible for rebate. Pressure-assist toilets have a sealed vessel inside the tank that compresses a pocket of air inside as the water fills. When the toilet is flushed, the pressurized air forces the water rapidly into the bowl, creating a powerful, fast flush that has a “whoosh” sound. The flush can be slightly louder than standard toilets. For more information, please call (707) 547-1918.

    View List of Qualifying Toilet Models

    Commercial Water Efficiency Rebates

    Rebates are available for participating sanitation district connected businesses.  Reduce your operating costs by saving water and energy while reducing wastewater flows.