Sanitation FAQ

    Q. What permits do I need to connect to agency operated sanitation facilities?
    A. Contact the Permit and Resources Management Department Sanitation Engineering section at 707-565-1900. The staff there can provide you the permitting requirements for connection to agency operated sanitation facilities. Their website is:

    Q. Why do my rates seem to increase every year?
    A. The Water Agency tries to manage the system to minimize rate increases while ensuring the infrastructure will be in place to handle present and future needs. The costs of operating the treatment plant and collection system, as well as paying for repairs, maintenance, and replacement of worn out infrastructure must be paid by the users of the system.

    Q. Why do I pay the same as my neighbor with 4 children even though I live alone?
    A. The Water Agency does not have a cost effective method of measuring usage since we do not deliver your water to you and the cost of installing meters on the sewer system is prohibitive. The Water Agency also does not have the staffing to track the number of people per household which can change frequently. This leads to the need for a flat billing method per ESD (used by 84% of similar entities in California) which is also easy and inexpensive to administer.