Projects Out To Bid

    Projects Out to Bid

    Annually, the Sonoma County Water Agency (Water Agency) develops a Capital Projects Plan that describes the infrastructure projects that are planned for the next five years.  These projects are designed to meet regulatory requirements and also replace aging facilities.  Below is the list of projects that are currently out to bid.

    List of Projects

    For Projects Out-to-Bid, bidders may obtain copies of Bidding Documents as described in the advertisement for bids by selecting the links on each project page.

    Bidder questions may be submitted via email to: Please identify the specific project to which you are referring in the title of the email.

    Bid Results

    Requests for Proposals

    Informal Bid List

    Sonoma County Water Agency (Water Agency) and its affiliated County Sanitation Districts (Districts) annually maintain a contractors list for distribution of Notices for Informal Bids under provisions of the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act.

    Affiliated County Sanitation Districts include:

    • Occidental County Sanitation District
    • Russian River County Sanitation District
    • Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District
    • South Park County Sanitation District

    Contractors on the list would receive notification inviting bids on Water Agency and District projects estimated to cost less than $175,000 and involving work under their license class.

    Interested contractors are required to provide the name, email and address to which a Notice Inviting Informal Bids may be sent, a telephone number at which the contractor may be reached, the type of work which the contractor is interested in and currently licensed to do, together with the class of contractor’s license(s) held and contractor’s license number(s). Send requests to:

    Sonoma County Water Agency
    404 Aviation Blvd.
    Santa Rosa, CA 95403-9019
    Attn: Technical Writing

    Or click here to fill out the online Informal Bid List Request form at the Water Agency’s website.

    Click here to download the Notice of Establishment of Qualified Contractors List For Informal Bidding.