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    Petaluma Aqueduct Cathodic Protection Upgrade

    Date Started: April, 2018

    Contract Amount: $1,330,630

    Contractor:  American Construction and Supply, Inc., Corte Madera, CA

    Description: The Work includes the construction of the Petaluma Aqueduct Cathodic Protection at multiple locations along the length of the Petaluma Aqueduct, which runs from Santa Rosa to Petaluma.  The Work includes the installation of seven cathodic protection stations each consisting of a DC rectifier unit and deep anode med with cast iron anodes and thirteen test stations.  Cathodic protection helps prevent the metal portions of the pipeline from corroding and will extend the life of the existing pipeline by up to 50 years.


    SVCSD Pumping and Piping

    North Bay Water Reuse Program- Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District Treatment Plant - Pumping and Piping Upgrade

    Date Started: November, 2016

    Contract Amount: $2,002,515

    Contractor: TerraCon Constructors, Inc., Healdsburg, CA

    Description: The Work consists of upgrades at the Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District Wastewater Treatment Plant outside the limits of the City of Sonoma.  The Work includes construction of approximately 3,000 linear feet of pipeline ranging from 12 to 18 inches in diameter, the addition of two vertical turbine pumps and one 1,980 gallon hydropneumatic bladder tank. Sitework also includes piping, vaults, electrical and instrumentation. 



    5th Street East


    North Bay Water Reuse Program - SVCSD Fifth Street East Recycled Water Pipeline Project

    Date Started: July, 2016

    Contract Amount: $2,040,486

    Contractor: Argonaut Constructors, Santa Rosa, CA

    Description: The Work consists of approximately 8,000 linear feet of recycled water mainline pipe, valves, appurtenances and service laterals.  The pipeline begins at the intersection of Watmaugh Road and Shainsky and extends east to Fifth Street. The project also includes extension of the pipeline to the City of Sonoma's Valley Oaks Park.


     Geyserville TP



    Geyserville Sanitation Zone Treatment Plant Photovoltaic Project

    Date Started: September, 2015

    Contract Amount: $145,000

    Contractor: Danlin Solar, San Rafael, CA

    Description: The Work consists of construction of a 150 solar panel array which will produce 46 kW.  This is enough energy to provide 80% of the electricity needed to operate the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  This project is part of the Sonoma County Water Agency's initiative to develop a model for locally owned, cost effective renewable energy.