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    Dry Creek Ph II part 2


    Dry Creek Habitat Enhancement Phase II Part 2

    Date Started: August, 2018

    Contract Amount: $3,584,620

    Description: The Dry Creek Enhancement Project will construct low velocity habitat areas for juvenile Coho and Steelhead.  This portion of the project consists of work in Reach 14.  The work includes construction of side channels, riffles, backwaters and alcoves which will slow the speed of the water and create refuge for young fish.  The improvements are constructed in the floodplain areas of Dry Creek and include installation of habitat and stabilization structures are composed of logs and boulders, driving logs into the ground anchor structures, bank stabilization measures, planting of riparian vegetation and trees, removal of nuisance non-native riparian vegetation and construction of in-channel features such as boulder fields and riffles, dewatering during construction, and isolation of Work areas from the creek. 




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    Petaluma Aqueduct Cathodic Protection Upgrade

    Date Started: April, 2018

    Contract Amount: $1,330,630

    Contractor:  American Construction and Supply, Inc., Corte Madera, CA

    Description:  The Petaluma Aqueduct Cathodic Protection (CP) Project will install an impressed current cathodic protection system along the length of the Petaluma Aqueduct, which runs from Santa Rosa to Petaluma.  An impressed current cathodic protection system prevents corrosion to the metal portions of the pipeline and may extend the life of the pipeline by up to 50 years.  The Work includes the installation of seven cathodic protection stations each consisting of a DC rectifier unit and deep well anode bed with cast iron anodes.  In addition, there are thirteen test stations that will be placed along the Aqueduct which will measure effectiveness of the CP system.  

    SPCSD Blackwell Tract Sewer System Replacement

    Date Started: March, 2018

    Contract Amount: $3,227,401

    Contractor:  TerraCon Constructors, Healdsburg, CA

    Description:  The Work consists of construction of Owner’s South Park County Sanitation District Blackwell Tract Sewer System and Santa Catalina Way Water System Replacement Project located at Elsinore Way, Santa Barbara Drive, Santa Catalina Way, San Clemente Drive, San Domingo Drive, and portions of Moraga Drive in an unincorporated area of Santa Rosa. The Work includes the replacement of approximately 5,736-feet of 6-inch and 8-inch diameter vitrified clay and asbestos cement sewer pipe with new 8-inch diameter PVC sewer pipe, laterals and manholes.  The Work also includes replacement of approximately 565 feet of existing 4-inch diameter cast iron water main with a new 8-inch diameter PVC water main, and the installation of 6 new fire hydrants.




    SVCSD Pumping and Piping

    North Bay Water Reuse Program- Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District Treatment Plant - Pumping and Piping Upgrade

    Date Started: November, 2016

    Contract Amount: $2,002,515

    Contractor: TerraCon Constructors, Inc., Healdsburg, CA

    Description: The Work consists of upgrades at the Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District Wastewater Treatment Plant outside the limits of the City of Sonoma.  The Work includes construction of approximately 3,000 linear feet of pipeline ranging from 12 to 18 inches in diameter, the addition of two vertical turbine pumps and one 1,980 gallon hydropneumatic bladder tank. Sitework also includes piping, vaults, electrical and instrumentation.