Project Review Application Form

    When is the Project Review recommended / required?

    A Project Review is recommended and/or required for all proposed projects and/or activities located within Water Agency owned facilities, properties, or easements where such projects and/or activities are otherwise restricted or prohibited.

    What is a Project Review?

    The Water Agency Project Review will inform the applicant of any necessary requirements for a specific project proposal, prior to submitting an application for a revocable license and/or consent or easement agreement. Contingent on the proposed activities, a Project Review may include Water Agency staff from the Operations, Maintenance, Environmental, and Right-of-Way departments and the Water Agency’s legal counsel. The purpose is to provide the applicant with a clearer understanding of the process for obtaining approval for a requested or proposed use of, or any activity on, in, or upon real property interests that the Water Agency owns or manages. In general, the Water Agency can and will not approve or allow the use of, or any activity on, in, or upon real property interests that the Water Agency owns or manages: Unless a finding can be made that such uses or activities will not adversely affect the Water Agency or any of the real property interests it owns or manages, in any respect.

    The applicant may also request a pre-submittal meeting, which provides an opportunity for the applicant to discuss and review their proposal with Water Agency staff.

    How do I start the Project Review process & how long does it take?

    To begin the review process, the applicant must submit a complete project description, including all requested information on the Project Review Application Form. Please note that additional information may be requested by the Water Agency prior to the review. Typically, a set of plans or construction documents sufficient in detail are required.

    Once your Project Review Application Form has been submitted, please allow at least ten working days for a response from Water Agency staff.  Please note that in addition to the Water Agency’s requirements, it is commonly necessary for applicants to obtain review, approvals, and permits for their projects from other agencies and regulatory authorities prior to the Water Agency’s finalization of the review for the project.

    Project Review Application Form

    What are the benefits of using the Project Review?

    The Project Review process will identify the requirements and provide a timeframe for potentially obtaining Water Agency approval.

    Is there a fee for the Project Review Process?

    There are no fees for the Project Review Process. However, additional fees may be required for certain Operations, Maintenance, Environmental, and Right-of-Way department activities.

    How long will my Project Review application be valid?

    The Project Review information will remain on file for a duration of six months. If no action by the applicant has taken place within six months, the Project Review Application will be null and void.

    Application Requirements

    Applicants should include all of the requested information on the form. A completed application is required before a thorough review will commence.  If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Booker at