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    August 28, 2015                                                                

    Sonoma Valley Opens Recycled Water Fill Station

    for Local Residents to Use in Outdoor Watering

    Similar facility on Aviation Boulevard in S.R. coming soon

    Sonoma, CA – The Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District will open a residential recycled water fill station near the wastewater treatment plant on Eighth Street East that will provide free recycled water for local residents that can be used to water lawns, gardens and landscaped areas. District officials expect the fill station to be open starting Monday, August 31, 2015.

    Initially, the Sonoma Valley fill station will be open Monday through Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The fill station is located just north of the plant, which is located at 22675 Eighth Street East. Recycled water will be provided to all residents who live in the Sonoma Creek Watershed free of charge.

    Plans are also under way for a residential recycled water fill station facility at 404 Aviation Boulevard where recycled water from the Airport Wastewater Treatment Plant will be available on weekends in the Sonoma County Water Agency offices parking lot.

    Residents must bring their own sealable containers, with a minimum volume of one gallon and a maximum of 300 gallons. Each resident may receive up to a total of 300 gallons per trip and each of the containers must be appropriately labeled.

    “Recycled water is a valuable resource that becomes even more important during this drought,” said Susan Gorin, chair of the Sonoma County Water Agency Board of Directors. “By making recycled water available to District resident, we can ease the burden on our limited Russian River supplies and our local groundwater. It’s just one more thing we can do together that will help us through this drought. ”

    The Sonoma Valley and Airport wastewater treatment facilities produce tertiary treated recycled water that has been used by local agricultural customers for many years. Recycled water is treated to a very high standard and is permitted by the state of California for use on a variety of plants and agricultural crops, including vineyards, fruit trees, vegetables, and herbs.

    “We’re doing everything we can to encourage residents to conserve every drop of water during this drought,” said Water Agency Director James Gore. “Recycled water is a key component of our drought toolkit, and will always be available as a source of water for agriculture and other beneficial uses. This is a great program and we hope residents take advantage of it.”

    Prior to receiving water, residents are asked to obtain a Residential Recycled Water Fill Station Use Application/Agreement online at www.sonomacountywater.org/SVCSD or pick one up at the fill station. The application/agreement should be completed and reviewed prior to their first visit. Recycled water will be distributed on a drop-in basis. District staff will verify that the Residential Recycled Water Fill Station Use Application/Agreement form has been completed. Each participant will be given a brief training about the use of recycled water.

    Recycled water should not be placed in a storage container that is connected to a landscape irrigation system or a drinking water supply. Recycled water is not suitable for drinking or food preparation.

    For questions about the Residential Recycled Water Fill Station Program, you may contact Kevin Booker at 521-1865. For additional information about the Sonoma Valley Residential Recycled Water Fill Station, visit www.sonomacountywater.org/SVCSD.


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    The Sonoma County Water Agency is working to secure our future by investing in our water resources, community and environment. The Water Agency provides water supply, flood protection and sanitation services for portions of Sonoma and Marin counties. Visit us on the Web at www.sonomacountywater.org.


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    For Immediate Release
    July 24th 2012

    Brad Sherwood
    Community & Governmental Affairs Manager
    Office: (707) 547-1927
    Mobile: (707) 322-8192
    Email: sherwood@scwa.ca.gov

    Series seeks to educate public on importance of watersheds, stewardship

    (Santa Rosa, CA)  A new multi-part public education television series called Do You Live in a Watershed? debuted July 9th on Sonoma County public television station KRCB.  The series, underwritten by the Sonoma County Water Agency, North Bay Watershed Association and Russian River Watershed Association, explores nine North Bay watersheds and their role in our environment and everyday lives.  The segments may also be viewed online at www.ourwatershedstories.com

    “The goal of this public education series is to increase community awareness about what a watershed is and how it functions as a part of a dynamic environment; additionally it will provide information on how to best protect our watersheds using a variety of pollution prevention strategies,” said Water Agency Chairwoman Shirlee Zane. “I am so happy to see this partnership come together to produce an entertaining and informative public education tool.”

    North Bay Watershed Association Chairman and Marin Municipal Water District Board Member Jack Gibson added, “The North Bay Watershed Association is pleased to partner in this educational effort. It is important that residents know that we all live in a watershed and our daily activities have an impact on our waterways.  Without that knowledge, no one can make an informed decision to change a behavior that can help protect our watersheds.”

    Russian River Watershed Chairman and City of Rohnert Park Mayor Jake Mackenzie said, “This series is a must see for the summer.  The brief, informative segments will take you on a journey through time that will inform you how our watersheds have evolved and how we can all work together to protect them.  No matter what watershed you live in, we all have a role in protecting and preserving them.” 

    The ninety-second television segments spotlight the following watersheds and waterways in ten chapters: 

    • Segment 1: The Russian River
    • Segment 2:  Dry Creek
    • Segment 3:  Santa Rosa Creek
    • Segment 4: Laguna de Santa Rosa
    • Segment 5:  Novato Creek
    • Segment 6:  Petaluma River
    • Segment 7:  Napa River
    • Segment 8:  Sonoma Creek
    • Segment 9:  Dutch Bill Creek
    • Segment 10: Answers the general question "What is a Watershed?"

    The North Bay Watershed Association is a group of 16 regional and local public agencies located throughout Marin, Sonoma, and Napa counties committed to crafting a set of regional approaches to the problems and issues associated with managing watersheds. For more information, visit nbwatershed.org.

    The Russian River Watershed Association is a coalition of nine cities, counties and special districts in the Russian River Watershed that have come together to coordinate regional programs for clean water, fisheries restoration and watershed enhancement.  For more information, visit rrwatershed.org.

    KRCB Public Television broadcasts from studios in Rohnert Park, California on digital channels 22.1, 22.2 & 22.3 and is seen over-the-air throughout much of the San Francisco Bay Area.  KRCB is also seen on Channel 22 via Comcast Cable, AT&T U-verse, DISH and DirecTV satellite services across the entire San Francisco Bay Area.


    The Sonoma County Water Agency is working to secure our future by investing in our water resources, community and environment.  The Water Agency provides water supply, flood protection and sanitation services for portions of Sonoma and Marin counties. Visit us on the Web at www.sonomacountywater.org.


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