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    Videos / DVD’s

    Most features are available in VHS and DVD.

    Life Cycle of the Salmon   All Ages
    This video captures the salmon story with remarkable images that reveal the salmon’s world, often from their underwater point of view.  A clear, informative narration complements the video and makes the program suitable or viewers of all ages. 6 minutes.

    Professor Water and the Amazing Water Cycle  All Ages
    Question: "What's the formula for water?"
    Answer: "H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O." (You know, "H" to "O")
    He's weird! He's wacky! He's the water-guy! Professor Water returns with more fun-tastic facts about the liquid everybody knows and loves (except at bath time) Water! Join the mad Professor and a cohort of kids as they ride the wondrous Water Cycle! Kids will keep learning even after they leave the classroom.  Includes teachers guide.   28 minutes.  VHS only

    Professor Water: Fantastic Facts About H2O  All Ages
    An entertaining and educating video for kids of all ages! Join Professor Water and his wily sidekick as they take viewers from Niagara Falls to the South Pole to Death Valley to the O.K. Corral. You'll pick up a world of information on water cycles, water treatment, and water wonders along the way.  28 minutes. VHS only 

    Water – Who Needs It ?  Grades K-6
    A fun-filled learning and activities video where children learn the importance of water to living things, how fresh water is used every day, and how each of us can protect and conserve water.   14 minutes.

    Water Follies: A Soak Opera  Grades K-12
    Classic, amusing, award-winning cartoon demonstrates the uses and abuses of water in and around the home.  The cartoon carries a strong water conservation message without using any narrative.   7 minutes.

    Take A Look at Rain   Grades 2-6
    Meet Jeffrey, who isn’t very excited about spending a rainy day indoors. His day is well spent, however, learning why the water cycle is so important to all living things.   10 minutes.

    Whaddya  Know About H2O?   Grades 3-8
    This exciting video educates young viewers about water conservation, its characteristics, and its role in society through 30 individual, one minute segments.  It contains compelling visuals, real-world examples, fun facts and a teacher’s guide. 30 minutes – VHS only

    Our Water Cycle   Grades 4-6
    All living things need water, so why don’t we run out of water?  This exciting video takes you on the wildest ride of all – the earth’s water cycle.  You’ll go up miles into the troposphere as water vapor, then plummet back down to earth as rain or snow and eventually ride the cycle all the way to the ocean or even soak down deep under the earths surface.  12 minutes – DVD only

    The Water Cycle    Grades 4-6
    This engaging video shows how the water cycle works, how water is cleaned and treated and how it is delivered to your home.  Three experiments are included that demonstrate groundwater storage, how the sun affects the water cycle and how using sand and gravel helps to clean the water. 12 minutes.

    Science Court: Water Cycle Video   Grades 4 - 6
    Is there water in the air?  Science court finds out! Courtroom drama, animation and humor are used to convey the scientific concepts of the water cycle, condensation, evaporation and states of matter. 22 minutes.

    The Groundwater Adventures of Walter Wet   Grades 4-6
    This cleverly-animated video brings to life the nature and importance of groundwater and includes excellent conservation tips.  12 minutes.

    Inside the Weather   Grades 4-6
    The weather: always changing, always interesting, always in the news.  Through colorful and stimulating visuals with fast paced explanation, students will see how water, air and heat from the sun create weather, how clouds form and move and why some precipitation falls as rain and some as snow or hail.   15 minutes. – DVD only

    Fountains Of Columbia  Grades 4-6
    An interdisciplinary study of water and the California Gold Rush.  This docudrama is a depiction of life in the Sierra Nevada foothills during the Gold Rush of the mid 1800’s, and the importance of water to the settler’s survival, all told from the viewpoint of an 11 year old girl.  Teacher – student lesson plan book is included.  11 minutes.

    Conserve Everyday   Grades 4 -8
    Fourth through eighth graders learn many ways to conserve water inside and outside the home, plus many interesting facts and figures about home water use. The hosts are three seventh-graders who demonstrate water-saving techniques in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and yard. Shot in a "kid-friendly" style that keeps children fascinated, the video is segmented in four short parts for watching separately or in one viewing.  16 minutes

    Waterhog Haven  Grades 4 -9
    This humorous video stars the “Common Waterhog” – doing his thing: wasting water.  Led by this infamous waster, no one practices water conservation and the town of Waterhog Haven eventually faces a dilemma.  6 minutes

    Down the Drain Grades 4-9
    Narrated by well-known child-spokesperson, Stephanie Yu, this video uses an investigative news format to teach children about the water cycle, water pollution, and water treatment.  30 minutes.

    High School Video Contest – All Grades
    The Russian River Watershed Association sponsors a high school video contest each year in celebration of Water Awareness Month. See winning videos produced by local high school students. Subjects range from stormwater pollution prevention, to outdoor residential water conservation, to keeping fats, oils and grease out of the drain.

    The Russian River – A Historical Perspective   Grades 4-adult
    This video is an entertaining and educational journey through the River’s past, told through the stories of people who live along the river.  22 minutes.

    What Do You Know About H2O?  Grades 4-adult
    Filled with fun and interesting facts about water.  Narrated by TV commentator Dr. Frank Field, it points out some amazing statistics about how much water we use and waste.  22 minutes.

    The Story of Streams: Grades 5 - 9
    A video field trip that takes students on an exploration of streams.  The emphasis is on stream features that students can actually see and experience. Students are challenged to think about how streams have helped shape the land, and are introduced to the physical features of streams and to the influence of streams on the history and of North America.  15 minutes. 

    Go With the Flow  Grades 5 – 12                                                                                    
    Teenage actors explain the water cycle and the difference between sewer drains and storm drains and that storm drain water is not treated prior to running into a river or other waterway.  7 minutes. 

    Eyewitness Pond & River Video   Grades 6-9
    Based on the revolutionary Eyewitness book series, this video takes you on a twisting journey down the great rivers of the world.  Viewers are given lots of fun facts spotlighting wildlife, plant life and natural wonders.  Historical references and mythical stories are used to emphasize the interdependence between water and life. 35 minutes.

    Water: To the Last Drop  Grades 6 -12 
    This Discovery Channel production takes viewers to Canada, the United States, Mexico and the Middle East to study the natural history of water and to investigate the latest technologies used to make water safe.  51 minutes 

    Setting A Course - The California Bay Delta  Grades 7-12
    The California Bay Delta is the vital source of drinking water for 22 million people in the state and for irrigation of 4 million acres of farmland. This public television program, narrated by Timothy Busfield, explores the Delta’s evolution from a natural marsh to a highly engineered water delivery system. Includes viewer’s guide.  1 hour.

    The Hydrologic Cycle:  Water in Motion  Grades 7-12
    Developed for junior high and high school students, this video describes how water moves though the hydrologic cycle and shows how natural events affect evaporation, condensation, precipitation, runoff, and storage.  20 minutes. 

    The Fate of the Jewel   Grades 9 – 12 

    A public television production hosted by actor Bruce Dern focuses on the decline in water quality of Lake Tahoe and the multi-stakeholder effort to stop and reverse this decline. Includes viewer’s guide with background information, historic timeline and teacher’s lesson.  57 minutes 

    Groundwater Quality: Managing the Resource   Grades 10-12
    This video explains the importance of groundwater, defines technical terms, describes sources of groundwater contamination, and outlines steps communities can take to protect underground aquifers from pollutants.  15 minutes.

    Conjunctive Use: A Comprehensive Approach to Water Planning   Grades 10-12
    This video simplifies the concept of conjunctive use—coordinating surface water and groundwater supplies, which are often managed as separate resources.  11 minutes.

    California Water Recycling   Grades 10 -12
    What is water recycling and why are communities in California turning to water recycling as part of their water supply source?  This video explains how treated wastewater is recycled and reused and simplifies the often-misunderstood concept of water recycling.  25 minutes. 


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