Department of Health Services' Fluoridation Feasibility Study

    The Sonoma County Department of Health Services is conducting a feasibility study on the potential of adding fluoride to the Sonoma County Water Agency’s water supply system. Various water providers in Sonoma County, including the Sonoma County Water Agency, have been asked to assist with providing technical information for the study. TheSonoma County Board of Supervisors, the same governing group that also serves as the Water Agency’s Board of Directors, provides policy direction to the Department of Health Services on this and other public health initiatives.

    To expedite your search for more information and to communicate directly with the staff developing the study, please contact the Sonoma County Department of Health Services at:

    Or for more information visit the Sonoma County Department of Health Services Flouride web page.

    We appreciate your interest in our water resources. The Water Agency is working to secure our future by investing in our water resources, community and environment.