RRDRP High-Efficiency Fixture Direct-Install Program

    A limited number of high-efficiency fixture retrofits are available at no cost through participating water providers listed above. The Program includes replacement of older high-flow toilets (3.5 gallons per flush or greater) with installation by a licensed plumber of up to two high-efficiency toilets (0.8 gpf). In addition, the program offers free replacement of all high-flow faucet aerators with new high-efficiency models (1.5 or 0.5 gpm) and replacement of all high-flow showerheads with new high-efficiency models (1.5 gpm). All Program eligibility requirements must be met prior to installation.

    Who Can Participate?

    Any residential property with water service through a participating agency or a private well located within the Russian River Watershed inside Sonoma County and not served by a municipal sewer system may participate provided that the existing toilet(s) meets replacement criteria of being manufactured before 1992 and is designed to flush 3.5 gallons per flush or more. (Final determination of toilet eligibility will be made by the plumber at the time of installation.) The participating agencies are: Belmont Terrace Mutual Water Company, City of Cloverdale, City of Healdsburg, Mendocino County Russian River Flood Control and Water Conservation Improvement District (Millview County Water District, Hopland Public Utility District, City of Ukiah Water Department, Willow County Water District, Rogina Water Company, Inc., Calpella County Water District, River Estates Mutual Water Company), Redwood Valley County Water District, Sweetwater Springs Water District, County of Sonoma Department of Transportation and Public Works supervised water systems (Fitch Mountain Water System, Freestone Water System, Jenner Water System, Salmon Creek Water System). If the property receives water and/or sewer service from a service provider not list here, the property is not eligible.

    What is Included in the Program?

    The High-Efficiency Fixture Direct-Install Program includes a high-efficiency toilet, toilet seat, wax ring, bolt kit, recycling/disposal of the old toilet, and labor for installation.  If replacement is necessary, an angle stop with water supply line, and/or basic flange repair kit will be included and installed (major flange repair and repair of existing floor damage is not included). The Participating Plumber will also check your other water using fixtures and replace your showerheads and aerators with free, water-efficient models when applicable. (A maximum of two toilets can be replaced per home/residential dwelling unit.)

    Toilet Information

    The standard toilet for this program is the Niagara Conservation Stealth 0.8 gallon per flush ultra high-efficiency toilet. Models in round front (N7716) and elongated (N7717) bowl configurations are available (Click on the model numbers to link to the specification sheet). In the rare event that this toilet cannot be installed due to space/fitment limitations, the Program may provide a $150 credit towards the cost of an alternate toilet model from the List of Qualifying Toilet Models purchased through a Participating Plumber upon review.

    How to Participate

    1. Determine if your toilet is eligible. Toilets must flush 3.5 gallons per flush or more to be eligible for replacement. In general, the toilets must have a manufacture date before 1992.

    2. Check eligibility and register for the program here.

    3. You will receive a program packet with an invitation to participate when space in the program becomes available. The packet includes:

    • List of Participating Plumbers
    • Your unique Participation Number
    • Sample documents for your review
    • A program satisfaction survey.

    4. Select and contact your Participating Plumber from the List of Participating Plumbers to set up and perform an onsite eligibility verification and to install the new fixtures.

    5. Complete the program satisfaction survey and submit.


    For questions about this High-Efficiency Fixture Direct-Install Program, contact Brian Lee at brian.lee@scwa.ca.gov or (707) 547-1918.