Sonoma County Climate Resilience Team

    Sonoma County Climate Resilience Team

    Realizing a Potent Vision for Community-Scale Climate Action

    What is the Climate Resilience Team? An internationally recognized public-private coalition accelerating local climate action across sectors and creating a transferable model for communities worldwide.

    Need: Communities spanning the rural to urban gradient are overwhelmed by the challenge of climate resilience, yet their success is critical to an effective global climate response.

    Vision: Building on a decade of leadership encompassed in the Sonoma model, local public and private institutions build capacity to fully integrate climate action into their core functions.

    Mission: To advance and codify the innovative Sonoma model, to accelerate implementation in decision-making affecting urban, agricultural, and wild land assets, and to promote evidence-based resilience practices applicable to local communities worldwide.

    Opportunity: Provide critical capacity to a US Climate Action Champion community to fully realize the climate resilience roadmap created by a dynamic public-private partnership. The Sonoma model provides all the ingredients needed for building community resilience:

    • Targeted science
    • Cross-sector, cross-government coordination
    • Effective network building
    • Community engagement
    • Integration of mitigation and adaptation
    • Innovative funding strategies

    Our goal is to pioneer transferable strategies needed by local communities worldwide for key audiences such as city planners, local elected officials, agriculture, energy providers, health departments, water and transportation agencies. We are seeking investors to realize the potential of this winning model.

    The Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness (PREP) Platform: Harnessing the Data Revolution for Climate Resilience 

    The Water Agency’s very own Ann DuBay spoke at an international climate summit in New York City on September 22 on behalf of the Sonoma County Climate Resilience Team.  This event highlighted how the data revolution and public-private collaborations for building climate resilience are creating more timely, accessible, user-friendly, and user-customizable data to support decision making. Watch a video of Ann's presentation on our Facebook page. Watch a video of the entire event here - Ann’s presentation starts at 1:38:00.

    The event featured senior White House Administration officials, senior officials from governments around the world, and leaders from private-sector companies and civil-society organizations, who discussed progress in developing innovative solutions and announced commitments to open data in support of climate resilience planning and action. The Sonoma County Climate Resilience Team is one of a very few select organizations worldwide being recognized for our climate leadership.

    Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness logo
    The Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness (PREP) is a public-private collaboration to empower a data-driven approach to building climate resilience. PREP aims to help planners, investors, and resource managers more easily incorporate climate risks into their decisions by enhancing access to relevant data and facilitating collective learning through insights on climate change. View the Press Release announcing the PREP partnership.


    Five Year Program Elements

    • Decision support services
      • Framework for engaging practitioners in climate data products and scenario planning, supporting a range of institutions confronting climate challenges.
    • Local government policy and planning toolkit
      • A set of best practices, policies, and case studies, and model language for zoning codes, ordinances, design standards, and plans.
    • Community education and engagement
      • Media campaigns and events to drive community participation in the design and implementation of adaptation strategies.
    • Community capacity building
      • Dissemination of the Sonoma model to other communities.



    2002  •  Community Climate Plan 
    Sonoma County becomes the first county in the U.S. to adopt greenhouse gas mitigation targets

    2007  •  North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative
    The NGO community forges innovative partnerships between scientists, businesses, and experts in multiple sectors

    2007  •  Health Action
    A framework to create a healthier Sonoma County for all residents, increasing resilience in the communities most vulnerable to climate change.

    2009  •  Sonoma County Energy Independence Program
    Sonoma County creates a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program to assist its residents and businesses in financing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects

    2009  •  Engaging Local Universities 
    The University of California and the Pepperwood Foundation partner to create the Terrestrial Biodiversity Climate Change Collaborative, an interdisciplinary science think tank to support local adaptation action

    2009  •  Regional Climate Protection Authority
    The first of its kind nationally, the Authority is a Sonoma County regional agency created to improve coordination on climate change issues

    2010  •  Sonoma Clean Power
    Sonoma County and the nine cities form an independent non-profit public agency to supply renewable energy for businesses and residents 

    2010  •  On-site Water Storage
    Resource Conservation Districts help rural and agricultural landowners build on-site water storage to increase drought resiliency

    2013  •  Climate Action Through Conservation
    The Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District incorporates GHG mitigation and sequestration into land acquisition

    2015  •  Carbon Free Water®  
    The Sonoma County Water Agency achieved Carbon Free Water® in 2015 by ensuring that 100 percent of the electricity used in the delivery of its water is from renewable sources.

    2015  •  Climate Action 2020 
    Sonoma’s Regional Climate Protection Authority releases the first phase of a comprehensive climate resilience plan addressing all sectors of public health, industry, and natural resources

    2015  •  US Climate Champion 
    The White House honored Sonoma County as a national leader in climate mitigation and adaptation

    2015  •  Roadmap for Climate Resilience in Sonoma County 
    Based on intensive input from multiple sectors, North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative’s Roadmap prioritizes resilience actions for all types of actors in Sonoma County

    2016  •  Coastal Planning
    Sonoma County is revising its Local Coastal Plan to address sea level rise impacts including erosion of cliffs near homes and popular recreation areas

    2016  •  Climate Ready North Bay 
    Pepperwood's TBC3 co-produces the completion of high-resolution climate vulnerability assessment for Sonoma, Napa, Marin and Mendocino counties

    2016  •  PREP Climate Risk Dashboard
    The Water Agency, including the North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative, the Regional Climate Protection Authority, and the USGS work with the Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness to co-develop the Sonoma County PREP Climate Risk Dashboard

    2016  •  Sonoma County and Caldas, Columbia Partnership
    An international partnership continues to grow between Sonoma County and Caldas, Colombia to leverage climate risk data analyses developed through PREP to improve the local management of natural resources

    2016  •  Climate Adaptation Programs for Water Operations 
    The Sonoma County Water Agency partners with the USGS, USACE and NOAA to generate a climate adaptation work plan


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