Board of Directors

    Board of Directors

    First District Supervisor/Director
    Susan Gorin -

    Second District Supervisor/Director
    David Rabbitt -

    Third District Supervisor/Director
    Shirlee Zane -

    Fourth District Supervisor/Director
    James Gore -

    Fifth District Supervisor/Director
    Lynda Hopkins -

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    Contact Water Agency Directors: 

    • Phone: (707) 565-2241
    • Fax: (707) 565-3778


    Board Meetings:

    The Board normally holds its regular meetings on Tuesdays, beginning at 8:30 a.m.

    Board Agendas:
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    Meeting Location:
    Board of Supervisors Chambers
    575 Administration Drive, Room 102A
    Santa Rosa, California

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    Public Participation:
    Any member of the audience may address the Board on a matter on the agenda, within time limits at the discretion of the Chair or the Board. Copies of the agenda are available at the Office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors (Room 100A), and also at Public Libraries, Chambers of Commerce, and City Halls throughout the County.

    Public Transit:

    Public Transit Access to the County Administration Center is available through

    For further information on how to get there by bus, please call the transit at (707) 576-RIDE or 1-800-345-RIDE.


    About the Water Agency Board of Directors

    The Sonoma County Water Agency (Water Agency) was created in 1949 by a special act of the California Legislature.  The Water Agency is a separate legal entity and has specific purposes and powers, which are set out in Section 3 of the act.  The Water Agency also has taxation powers and sources of revenue that are separate from the County’s.  Section 4 of the act empowers the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors to act as the Board of Directors of the Agency, and Section 6 of the act provides that officers of the County of Sonoma are, unless otherwise provided by the Board of Directors, ex officio officers of the Agency.

    Because of the common governing board and the fact that some County officers also act as Agency officers, there is often confusion about the relationship between the County and the Water Agency.  As noted above, the Water Agency is a separate legal entity created by State law, having specific limited purposes and powers, and separate sources of funding.  The Water Agency is thus different from County departments, which are created by the Board of Supervisors for administrative convenience, but are not separate legal entities.

    The Water Agency’s status as a separate legal entity with specific powers affects the types of activities in which the Water Agency may engage.  Unlike Sonoma County, which generally may spend general fund revenues for anything the Board of Supervisors determines benefits the public good, the Water Agency may only expend funds to further the purposes and powers specified in the Water Agency’s enabling act.  Unlike the County, the Water Agency has no general land use authority, and cannot exercise general regulatory “police powers.”

    The Water Agency’s enabling act provides the Water Agency with the power to levy property taxes separately from the County, and the Water Agency receives a portion of Proposition 13 1% base property tax revenues separately from the County.  The Water Agency also collects benefit assessments for flood control purposes in some flood control zones, charges for sanitation services in certain sanitation zones, and charges for water delivered from the Agency’s transmission system.  Although the Water Agency’s general property tax revenues can be spent for any Water Agency purpose, funds collected for specific Water Agency purposes, such as water rates, flood control assessments, and sanitation charges, must be accounted for separately, and may only be spent for the purposes for which they are collected.

    Because of the separate powers and revenue sources of the Water Agency, its revenues, expenses, and assets are held and accounted for entirely separately from Sonoma County’s.  When County officials perform services for the Water Agency, they separately are paid for those services by the Water Agency pursuant to agreements between the Water Agency and the County.  The Water Agency holds separate title to all real property and assets it acquires.  The County may not use Water Agency property or funds for County purposes.  The Water Agency is also subject to different laws from the County regarding acquisition and disposition of property, and with respect to bidding out public works (although both the Water Agency and the County have adopted regulations making each subject to some uniform bidding processes).

    The Water Agency’s management and employees are also treated differently from County employees.  Unlike County employees, Water Agency employees are not covered by the County’s civil service system.  The Water Agency negotiates separate bargaining agreements with employees’ unions.

    To conclude, the differences between the County and the Water Agency include:

    • The Water Agency is a separate legal entity from the County.
    • The Water Agency was formed under a separate, special state law.
    • The Water Agency only has limited, specified powers.
    • The Water Agency has no land use or regulatory authority.
    • The Water Agency has separate sources of revenues. The Agency’s assets and liabilities are accounted for separately.
    • The Water Agency’s employees do not have civil service protection.
    • The County charges the Water Agency for services performed.

    The Sonoma County Flood Control and Water Conservation District Act, Stats. 1949, c. 994., West’s Ann. Cal. Water code App. §§ 53-1 et seq.

    See Government Code § 26227.

    See Agency act, section 9, West’s Ann. Cal. Water code App. §§ 53-9.

    See Public Contracts Code §§ 21130 et seq,.