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    Please see below for how you can learn more about, or provide feedback on, the Russian River Biological Opinion planning and implementation process. 


    Public Policy Facilitating Committee Meeting

    The Public Policy Facilitating Committee (PPFC) meets annually to serve as a forum on implementation of the biological opinion. The PPFC provides an opportunity for involved agencies and the public to learn whether milestones have been reached and what challenges lay ahead. Created in 1998, the original purpose of the PPFC was to provide a forum for disseminating information about the Section 7 consultation (which ultimately led to the issuance of the Russian River Biological Opinion). 

    2018 PPFC Meeting

    The PPFC meets on Thursday, February 22, 10 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at the Milt Brandt Visitors Center, Lake Sonoma

    PPFC Meeting Archives

    View past years PPFC meeting archives here.


    Biological Opinion Monthly updates

    View past year's monthly updates here.


    Biological Opinion Annual Reports

    The Water Agency is required to annually report all the activities, studies and monitoring mandated by National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) in the Russian River Biological Opinion. Some of these activities take place every year, like water quality monitoring in the estuary and counting and measuring young steelhead and coho salmon at various points in the Russian River and Dry Creek. Others are one-time activities, like the Dry Creek Current Conditions Inventory.

    The Water Agency has elected to coalesce the reports from each year's activities into an Annual Report. The annual report is written for technical purposes for NMFS and summarizes all the activities in detail.

    The Annual Reports can be downloaded below:

    Public Meetings – Agendas and Staff Presentations

    Download .pdfs of the Biological Opinion public meeting Agendas and Powerpoint Presentations:

    View all past meeting materials here.