The Sonoma County Water Agency works closely with our region's agricultural community, including grapegrowers within the Russian River watershed.  During the 2009 drought, we partnered with grapegrowers to implement a series of vineyard irrigation and cooling demonstrations.  The goal of the demonstrations was to educate and raise awareness about the importance of using water wisely.  Below are the demonstration studies, notes, videos and more information. 

Vineyard Irrigation/Cooling Water Conservation Demonstration: 

Final 2010 demonstration results

Final 2009 demonstration results

2010 Demonstration Field Days:

Two vineyard water management field days were held in August: August 18th at Kunde’s Wildwood Vineyards in Sonoma Valley and August 20th at Hoot Owl Creek / Alexander Valley Vineyards in Alexander Valley.   Discussions and demonstrations were held on the topic of wise water use in the vineyard, irrigation scheduling methods and alternatives to overhead sprinklers was discussed.  Speakers included representatives  from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Sotoyome and Southern Sonoma RCDs, Sonoma County Water Agency and Sonoma County Winegrape Commission.  Other topics discussed included  water conservation, including frost protection, on-site water storage, irrigation system efficiency, available cost-sharing programs, and groundwater protection.

The workshop field days were sponsored by the RCDs, NRCS, Sonoma County Water Agency and the Sonoma County Winegrape Commission. Mark Greenspan, Viticulture Consultant and water management specialist, coordinated and led the field demonstrations.