Sea Ranch Sanitation Zone

    About the District:

    • Began Operation: 1971 (C), 1972 (N)
    • Service area: 4,600 acres
    • Service recipients: 544 Equivalent Single-Family Dwelling
    • Treatment level: Secondary
    • Design capacity: 27,000 (C) & 160,000 (N) gallons per day (average daily dry weather flow)
    • Discharge: Treated wastewater from Sea Ranch North Sanitation Zone is treated to tertiary standards at the Gualala Community Services District Treatment Plant and used to irrigate the Sea Ranch Golf Links. Treated wastewater form the Sea Ranch Central Sanitation Zone Treatment Plant is used for irrigation.
    • Board of Directors:  The Water Agency's Board of Directors act as the Zone's Board.

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    Budget Information

    Contact Information

    Billing/Financial Questions: Manuel Olvera, 707-521-6215 or

    General Questions: Brad Sherwood, 707-547-1927 or