Sea Ranch Sanitation Zone

    Proposed Sewer Lateral Ordinance for The Sea Ranch Sanitation Zone

    The Sonoma County Water Agency (Water Agency) will hold a series of community meetings to discuss a proposed sewer lateral ordinance aimed at preventing sewer overflows that occur during heavy rains. The ordinance would apply to the Russian River and Occidental County Sanitation Districts, and the Airport/Larkfield/Wikiup, Geyserville, and Sea Ranch Sanitation Zones, all of which are operated by the Water Agency.

    The ordinance would provide the Water Agency with the ability to inspect, and if necessary, require the repair of sewer laterals that are failing and contributing to pollution and sewer overflows. The proposed ordinance will NOT require any point-of-sale sewer lateral inspections or repairs. The proposed ordinance would not include a mandatory inspections program, but if faulty laterals are detected during routine inspections, the Water Agency could require repairs. An inspection could also be required if a main sewer line that is connected to the lateral is being replaced or rehabilitated. The ordinance is proposed in five sanitation zones and districts the Water Agency manages in Sonoma County. Read more ...


    About the District:

    • Began Operation: 1971 (C), 1972 (N)
    • Service area: 4,600 acres
    • Service recipients: 544 Equivalent Single-Family Dwelling
    • Treatment level: Secondary
    • Design capacity: 27,000 (C) & 160,000 (N) gallons per day (average daily dry weather flow)
    • Discharge: Treated wastewater from Sea Ranch North Sanitation Zone is treated to tertiary standards at the Gualala Community Services District Treatment Plant and used to irrigate the Sea Ranch Golf Links. Treated wastewater form the Sea Ranch Central Sanitation Zone Treatment Plant is used for irrigation.
    • Board of Directors:  The Water Agency's Board of Directors act as the Zone's Board.


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    Front Desk (Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm PST): 707-526-5370
    Operations Desk (24 Hours): 707-523-1070