Occidental County Sanitation District

    About the District

    • Began Operation: 1950
    • Service area: 55 acres
    • Service recipients: 264 Equivalent Single-Family Dwelling
    • Treatment level: Secondary
    • Design capacity: 50,000 gallons per day (average daily dry weather flow)
    • Discharge: Between May 15 and September 30 the recycled water is irrigated on private property. Between October 1 and May 14 recycled water is discharged into Dutch Bill Creek.
    • Board of Directors:  The Water Agency's Board of Directors act as the District's Board.

    Recycled Water Projects

    Public Meetings

    The Occidental County Sanitation District’s (District) regularly holds community meetings to inform, educate and seek input from ratepayers and surrounding residents on possible solutions for treating, storing, and disposing of wastewater generated in Occidental. The District currently discharges recycled water into a pond located at the headwaters of Dutch Bill Creek during the summer and to Dutch Bill Creek during the winter. The District is required by the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board to stop releasing recycled water into the pond. The District is currently examining feasible projects that meet the unique requirements of Occidental.

    January 7, 2016 Public Meeting
    A public meeting was held on Thursday, January 7, 6 – 8 p.m. at the Union Hotel. The purpose of the meeting is to review a recently completed alternative’s analysis of treatment options.

    Materials from January 8, 2015 Meeting:

    Materials from September 30, 2014 Meeting:

    Materials from March 13, 2014 Meeting:

    Materials from October 24, 2013 Meeting:


    • Private Building Lateral Replacement Program
      • Private building laterals are the pipes that lead from homes or businesses to the sewer main. Eligible ratepayers in the district can have their private building lateral pipes replaced for free. 

    Newsletter/Proposition 218 Notice



    Contact Information

     Douglas Messenger, 707-547-1952 or douglas.messenger@scwa.ca.gov